Friday, 27 February 2015


Trying to sneak on holiday with us

I'm slightly later than I intended to be this week as one of the family decided she needed more attention than she usually gets.  Kes, our nearly 20 year old cat, has been at the vets with a swollen face.  She went in on Wednesday to have the teeth cleaned and the offending teeth removed, with me being slightly anxious because of her age and the anaesthetic risk.  That was ok but they also found a tumour in the bone L

This is as good as anywhere!

There is nothing to be done except keep her pain free and happy.  This cat is permanently happy, and relatively trouble free so happy she shall be.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Makers and Sellers - Shazronnie Makes Stuff

Over the coming months I want to share with you some fabulous crafty folk who I admire.  First up we have the lovely Shazronnie, who dares to say on her cards things I would never say publicly ;)  I've had a few pieces and they are always fab.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Essential Oils - Baldwins

I've tried a few different essential oil suppliers over the years as my range of soaps has expanded.  Many soap makers add artificial scents to boost the smells to the soaps as some essential oils can fade over time.  I don't find that with Baldwins.  They have amazing oils that have fabulous scents that hold well.  The therapeutic benefits are amazing too...many a time I've driven home from a soap making demonstration thinking I probably shouldn't have made the soap with the Ylang Ylang oil ;)  

The prices are good, if you pay cheap prices for oils, you will get cheap oils ;)  The website if full of information, and the staff are very helpful if you ring.