Friday, 21 October 2011


Well, things just haven't gone to plan at all this week.  I've not made anything new for the shop which is not good!  I have been to see a business advisor though...whoop-de-do ;o).

Anyway, here's the new card that I've had made for a while.  It was for a lovely customer who was expecting a baby, but she didn't know what sex it was.  I wanted something bright as well as unisex, so I hope that the rainbow baby words work.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Patience is not my strong point!

I should have taken photos yesterday when the rain had actually stopped and the sun was shining, but I had a horrid headache (migraine, probably but I'm not sure!) and had no energy for anything.  Today I am out to see my Nan but I wanted to get some pictures on here but the sun isn't high enough so the pictures are not good.  Also, the make-up bags and other tins are still in the storeroom, AKA the bedroom, where the other half is sleeping!!  I may be back later when I've taken some decent pictures.

PS I did get my first batch of shaving soap made a couple of days ago - mandarin.  Ready 9th November.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Quick update

I have got lots of things to show you - tins, make-up bags, mandarin shaving soap, cards - but the light here has been terrible for the last 3 days so I've not been able to get any decent pictures.  Hopefully we shall have some sunshine in the next few days...lets keep our fingers crossed ;o).

Sunday, 9 October 2011

At last

 The new ingredients for the soap arrived.  I shall get started on the new 'flavours' on Monday.

Making the make-up bags (you'll see them in a couple of days) I thought I'd sew one of my labels into the lining.  I've never done that before...looks really good.

I've also been making new tins, a birthday card (for the hubby) and a baby gift (for a lovely customer).
Not much housework listed there!

Friday, 7 October 2011

A Busy Week

I've spent a good few evenings sorting out the website, trying to make it look more professional, adding more information on certain things, removing things I didn't like, and (on the advice of some lovely friends) added an 'about me' page so you lovely customers can see who's making the items.  I've still got a couple more things on my list that I want to add to the website, but I'm yearning to do some sewing, so they will have to wait. 

See up there?  They're going to be make-up bags that will be new items in the shop.  There will also be pencil cases, and tins with names on (why didn't I think of those before!).  With all the sunshine gone, and autumn definitely getting a grip, I know what I'll be doing over the weekend :o)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Solving a problem

 Remember my swatch card I made last week, with the two little mistakes on it?  Well, I thought I'd rectify that by adding all the colours that my supplier had :o) 

 The delivery arrived this afternoon, so I set to work cutting and sticking.

 This is the swatch with the new colours on.

And this is the swatch card all done.  I now have 52 gorgeous colours to play with.  This will be added to the website later on this evening, meaning that customers can choose any of the colours for many of the felt items I have for sale.

Monday, 3 October 2011


...after a really rubbish night's sleep I thought I'd do some of the paperwork for the shop.  I've now added an information page for the soap.  Go take a peak and see what you think.  I also posted some gorgeous tins this morning for an order but forgot to photograph them!  I need to update the photos for tins so this seems like the perfect excuse to make some more ;o). 

Sunday, 2 October 2011


No piccie but just to say I got some more soap made this afternoon..lavender this time.  This will be ready 30th October.

Making some more tins and cards this evening, including a new card which I can't actually show you yet as the very first one is destined for something special :o)

Hope your all having a lovely weekend in this wonderful mini-summer we're having.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Patchouli and orange now setting on my shelf - ready 29th October.  Hopefully I'll get another batch done tomorrow of one of my usuals, then the ingredients for the new ones will be here next week...yipee.