Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Extra hours?

Does anyone else feel like they need a few extra hours each day?  I'm sure many of you do!  

The above keyring was for a lovely lady who deals with vintage clothing.  She's opening a shop this coming Saturday so she wanted a keyring.

Here's a bag a lovely customer requested.  It has pockets in the liner too.

I set aside a day so I could get the remaining ribbons, bias and trims in the shop so that's another job ticked off the list.

Then I've been working on a couple of new things too....fridge magnets and a new card.  

Saturday, 18 May 2013

A day off

A couple of weekends ago a group of ladies went for a day out to The Basket Case in the middle of nowhere.  We had a wonderful day, including a vegetarian lunch, and made our first (in some cases) baskets. 

 The work and effort that goes into making one of these is just incredible...to think what the people who make those cheap imports gets paid makes me shudder.

 I had an amazing day, so relaxing, such a sense of achievement, and a basket of my very own..that I made..to boot :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

A week of bags

I had an urge to make bags...so I did.  We have this funky made with the bright Ikea material...

..then we have the black (re-purposed) denim, lined with Ikea material...

 ...then there's the blue (re-purposed) denim lined with spotty green... 

...then this one is mine, and it's what started the run-of-bags off.  Again, re-purposed denim jeans, lined with a charity shop sheet :)  They are all completely reversible too, and the handles are long enough for them to be carried on the shoulder....what could be better.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

1st May...How did that happen?

Blimey the time flies when you're having fun...or catching up on lots of paperwork!  What do you think to my bedtime reading? ;)  There are new Cosmetic Regulations coming into force in July so I'm just going through all the paperwork I already hold to check there's nothing missing.  It's exciting I tell ya...not! 

I also attended the Artisans in Action event last weekend where I met some fabulous people.  I've also been making soaps...this one is one I haven't made for a while - Kitchen and Gardeners Soap which has coffee grounds in to help remove those unwanted odours.

I'm also part way through a new flower brooch but I'm not showing you any pictures until it's finished.  Hope you can wait :)

Enjoy the sunshine.