Thursday, 30 June 2011

Exciting Times

I've just opened up a store on WowThankYou which is an online store supporting UK businesses.

"When you purchase from WowThankYou you are guaranteed a product that
is designed and made by hand in the UK. You should feel proud that you are
supporting small UK businesses. Many of the items are totally unique, and
are one-offs. Many others can be personalised to suit your

I've got a couple of things on there at the minute, and the rest should be on over the weekend. I've also got a new facebook page too...why not go and 'like' it. It's another way for me to get any offers, new products, etc out into the big wide world :o).


  1. Lovely, will pop and have a look, it sounds like a great idea, good luck with the new venture x

  2. That looks a great site, I love anything that promotes British crafts as I think there are so many talented folks who just don't get a proper chance to get their things out where people can see them. Will definitely bookmark this.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I hope blogger is going to behave itself from now on!! xxx

  3. fantastic! will add some links to GW's sidebar