Monday, 15 August 2011


I'm currently working at expanding the soap range, so in the coming months you should see a few new bars. I'm thinking of a 'Bare' bar, so they'll be no essential oils added to the already gorgeous organic coconut oil and cocoa butter. I'd also like to have a shaving bar which can be used by both sexes in the house :o).

I'm also looking at one or two which are aimed more at the males, so if the men in your life have any specifc scents they like, just leave a comment below.


  1. Sandalwood!!! Lots of sandalwood and rosemary...although that is more what I like on him...

  2. i like the sound of the bare bar, and the shaving bar..i always have trouble with finding something to shave with..they all seem to irritate..but am ulra sensitive..perhaps a bare bar would be good for shaving too. my other half said orange..citrus.. to refresh wake him up a bit after a hard day ;)

  3. Ooooo just spotted your lemongrass and nettle..forgot you were making this..will place another order soon:)