Friday, 23 September 2011

Possible new additions?!

Pencil cases!  What do you think?  I could even make these deeper so they could be used for make-up.

They are lined and padded to give a good, sturdy pencil case.  I may have to make up a batch with some of my vintage fabrics too....oooh, head going into overdrive ;o).

(Two of these were for an order and one has been pilfered by my littliest child).


  1. I like them :) especially deeper in girly vintage fabric for make up.

  2. They are definitely good enough to sell. I particularly like the way they are gusseted, so can stand up on a child's desk and the pens won't spill out. I like the one on the right best as it has a kind of denim-effect which I think would be popular. Much, much nicer than what you could buy in the shops!!