Wednesday, 1 May 2013

1st May...How did that happen?

Blimey the time flies when you're having fun...or catching up on lots of paperwork!  What do you think to my bedtime reading? ;)  There are new Cosmetic Regulations coming into force in July so I'm just going through all the paperwork I already hold to check there's nothing missing.  It's exciting I tell ya...not! 

I also attended the Artisans in Action event last weekend where I met some fabulous people.  I've also been making soaps...this one is one I haven't made for a while - Kitchen and Gardeners Soap which has coffee grounds in to help remove those unwanted odours.

I'm also part way through a new flower brooch but I'm not showing you any pictures until it's finished.  Hope you can wait :)

Enjoy the sunshine.

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