Thursday, 17 April 2014

Update - Etsy Soap Shop

Lots of new things in here.  Firstly there's the wash go with the face cloths.  Organic cotton towelling and gorgeous cotton bias.

We also have six new bath salts for you to luxuriate in.  Made with himalayan and epsom salts, essential oils and botanicals, these are a little bit of bathroom heaven.  If you don't have a bath (like me!) you can use these as a foot soak. 


There is also the Extra Special Soaps - Rose, Heavenly (patchouli, sandalwood & bergamot), and Chamomile & Calendula.  

Ready in the next couple of days is the new Activated Charcoal Soap.  This is going to be great for using as a pore a mini face the charcoal is great at removing dirt and grease from the skin.  I can't wait to try this one!

An instant favourite in the shop are these cleanser pads.  Great for using as a mini wash pad or as a make-up remover pad.  Made with organic cotton towelling and/or unbleached flannel, there are available in three different ways.

Pop over to the Shop for a browse :)

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