Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Solving a problem

 Remember my swatch card I made last week, with the two little mistakes on it?  Well, I thought I'd rectify that by adding all the colours that my supplier had :o) 

 The delivery arrived this afternoon, so I set to work cutting and sticking.

 This is the swatch with the new colours on.

And this is the swatch card all done.  I now have 52 gorgeous colours to play with.  This will be added to the website later on this evening, meaning that customers can choose any of the colours for many of the felt items I have for sale.

1 comment:

  1. What lovely colours!! I love felt and eldest DD uses quite a bit of it. The shops here don't seem to sell much of it and then it's not very good quality, so I was thinking of ordering some from Myriad as it's 100% wool, but I'd be interested to know where you buy yours from as Myriad is a bit pricey. I've bought it from Blooming Felt before too, but their chunky wool felt is a bit thick sometimes for intricate work.