Sunday, 11 March 2012

Birds, Ribbons and Flowers

On Saturday I was at the Crafts Uncovered event which was held at Waters Edge Country Park in Barton upon Humber.  The event was organised to make the public aware of the work that goes into handmade items.  We had a work/display table and a Works for Sale table.  It was a lovely day where I had lots of people asking questions about the soap and things, so hopefully the bigger event in April will be a success too. 

While I was there I was busy making birds and flowers.  I love the green birdy...hopefully I'll get them all in the shop later, but first I have to make soap!

Ooh, when I got home there was a parcel containing some of the ribbons I've ordered for the website too.  Looks quite lame when you only see them, but hopefully there'll be more soon.  Can't wait for the buttons to start arriving!

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