Friday, 9 March 2012

Prep for Crafts Uncovered

As this fair is a demonstration and sale of works it needs rather more preparation than a normal 'craft fair'.  I'm not insured to make soap with the general public present so I've made a couple of display boards instead and I'll take all my equipment and ingredients. 

I've also made some better price labels by getting some wooden hearts and sticking them onto pegs.  Much better than the cardboard ones I had before.

As this is a 2-day event but I'm only there for one, I've prepared some leaflets to go on a table on the Sunday.  One is just a list of my next events and the other is a tri-fold leaflet with much more information on it.  I'm quite pleased with how that turned out (although it'll look much better when I have more colour ink ;o) ).

And just because they look so's a pile of gift boxed soap.

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