Friday, 20 April 2012

Artisans in Action

Getting rather excited about Artisans in Action this weekend!  36 local artisans all together, working, demonstrating, sharing, teaching, spreading the crafting love.  The car is all loaded, now I'm just prepping my work basket.  Before I go though, I just wanted to show you my new packaging for the brooches and keyrings...

..what do you think?  I wanted something simple that could be recycled easily (or re-used as with the paper twist ties).  Right off to finish packing my basket with lots of work for the weekend.  Oh, don't forget the give-away...I think you all must be shy as your all coming for a look but not entering!  Go might just be you you know ;o)  


  1. I love those signs, they look very professional and very clear. Best of luck for the weekend, sounds like you're going to really enjoy it. xxx

  2. Saw your stall today at Forest Pines, I was one of your browsers! Lovely stall turn out and fab products, really caught my eye. I am new to the craft fairs, would have loved to display my home interior gifts at the event today! Take a peek at my page! I live locally, so was really nice to see yourself and other crafters displaying such lovely products. Thumbs up to you all! Amyx