Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lots of....

Lots of cards being made...

..and pamper sets being made... the Angels...

..lots of felt orders going out (all round the world!)...

 and mini sets given as fund raiser gifts.  There's lots of 'normal' orders too.  

The workshop is coming on!  I shall be having an open day on 15th December (11-4) for anyone who would like to pop in and see me/the workshop.  Contact me if you're interested :)

I have my last little fair today before I finish up some Christmas orders, make some Merit badges then hopefully get on with some of my Christmas stuff....I haven't even made the cake yet!


  1. Wow you have been busy! Everything you've made looks gorgeous! Hope all goes well at the fair.

  2. Great to see you in Bransby yesterday, I hope you are inside today with your stall, you must have been perished yesterday!!!

    Love the things you've been making. It was lovely to unwrap one of your soaps last night, our caravan is so cold and damp and they bring a touch of luxury that we badly need!!

    Hope the studio is ready soon, the photos look very exciting, I bet you can't wait. Don't worry about the cake, it will be fine if it's made late, just add a bit extra brandy to make up for it!! ;) xxx

    1. It was great to see you too Pippa. Today was the other extreme...nursing home heating on full blast ;)

  3. Lots of ... lovely things!
    All beautifully made.