Monday, 6 February 2012

Happily busy

 Wow, it's been a busy few weeks.  I had my first craft fair this last weekend, after being away at Center Parcs for a few days.  I had a lovely spot where I could watch the ducks and geese slipping on the frozen water when it wasn't very busy...which was quite often because of the bad weather.  Visitor numbers were greatly reduced unfortunately, but I still had a fab time.  I met some lovely other crafters, I've been invited to have a stand at a demo/fair in a very presitigious hotel (in this area) at the end of April which is absolutely amazing for me.  I also found out details about other fairs so I've applied for those too.  All details will be added into the sidebar on the left when I have anything new confirmed.

Now though, I'm still trying to catch up on a mountian of housework, which will have to wait as I'm stitching some custom bunting for an order :o)


  1. Yeah, give me my bunting! How dare you be so busy! Stall looking awesome, Mrs Good. Well done and so pleased at how far you've come :) xxx p.s. Have passed your card onto a vintage tea party company looking for bunting...I'll take the finders fee as a nice coffee with you some point this year ;) xxx

  2. Your stall looks beautiful. Just the kind of stall I would always make a beeline for at a craft fair. There is definitely an art in getting your stall to look attractive and inviting and you've got it just right. I'm sorry the weather kept a lot of the people away, that's bad luck, but really good that you've got other craft fairs lined up.

    Oh, you said the Centreparcs word!!!! My lot ask almost every week 'when can we go to Centreparcs!!', I hope you had a lovely time and expect it was very cosy in those villas with the log fire burning and the snow falling outside. Which one do you go to? xxxx