Saturday, 16 June 2012

Taking over...

Boxes of felt, paper carrier bags (2 sizes), paper bags, new postcards and return labels, cellophane bags, a wooden stool (bootsale bargain for using at the fairs)...this is just a small selection of stuff that is taking over the kitchen.  I daren't show you the living room, bedroom, bathroom or laundry room.  We shall be having the plasterer in here in a couple of weeks too, so I shall have no sink, cooker or hob for 4 days.  This is just after the craft fair/country fair weekend!  I don't do things by half do I? ;o)

To try and deflect from the rising stress levels I'm busy making as much stock as I possibly can.  Next week shall be focused on leaflets, wrapping soaps, make your own kits and generally getting ready for one busy weekend.

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