Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I'm feeling it...

I'm starting to feel that Christmas buzz again...yipee.  Back to the soap though ;o).  Today I have managed to make some mandarin shaving soap in pots!  These are quite big (over 200g each) and will be available with a brush.  I'm hoping to get some lovely teacups for a more feminine shaving pot.  Anyway, these will be ready 18th January 2012.

I've also made some patchouli and orange, and this time I've added some of the powdered orange peel as I thought it looked fantastic in the christmas soap.  This will also be ready on 18th January.

While your here I wanted to ask your opinions on salt and sugar scrubs.  I made the above one for a swap gift but I wondered whether people would actually buy them online because of the cost of the postage.  So, would you only buy something like that from a shop/craft fair or would you buy online, where the postage may be in the region of a fiver?

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