Thursday, 22 December 2011

Organised or not?

Remember the soap bundles...well I didn't like the twine I'd tied them with so I changed it to wide ribbon.

 Much better don't you think?  The lady who bought them had made some small felted bowls for them to sit in.

 I'm also researching boxes I can use for gift sets.  I love the idea of these two, although the pizza style box may be too big...I'll have to try it with the pretty stuff as well as the soap.

 And what do you think about my chocolate frog earrings?  I may put a couple of pairs in the shop if people like them.

And, as I'm so organised, not, here are some more Christmas card and decoration ideas.  Actually, you could say I'm just really organised for next year ;o).

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  1. Your soaps are so lovely. This morning, I opened my last bar of soap that I bought from you and put it in the bathroom. It adds a little touch of luxury to our caravan living!! I will be re-ordering from you in the new year and love the look of the 'flavours' you have made.

    Regarding the scrub, yes, I would buy something like this from a craft fair, but the postage of a fiver would feel a bit expensive (IMO). I have bought pottery from Etsy and the postage has been around five pounds for some pieces and that has seemed enough to pay, but as the pottery was something that would last for years, it seemed worth it if that makes sense. One of the pottery makers I've bought from have used Collect+ to deliver larger/heavier items as she says that it is much cheaper than Royal Mail, which might be worth looking into. I think they have lots of drop-off points around the country - 4000 local corner shops according to their advert!! It would be a shame not to be able to sell this kind of thing as it would complement your other products nicely, especially if people wanted to make a lovely pampering hamper for a gift. I love body scrubs like this and the jar is a nice thing to use afterwards too so I hope you do find a way round the postage problem. :)

    I love the cards and other things you've made too and it must be exciting choosing the right packaging. Exciting to see the things you're making and planning for the New Year. xxxxxxx