Monday, 19 December 2011

Slowing down?

How about you?  Are you still on the mad rush ready for the big day or are you all ready?

I'm definitely on the mad rush as there is also a birthday in the house tomorrow, but, I think I'm nearly there with everything else Christmas-y.  Last minute orders being prepared (piccie up there) and new packaging being looked at.  Also, big news for me, is my first craft fairs for next year have just been confirmed.   That means I've got to crack on with the soap making as the first one is in 6 weeks time!!!!

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  1. Mad rush here. I'm so behind, I didn't anticipate the minding impinging so much, add in overnight minding, in which I was up most of the night with mindie..and well yeah not as much as needed has been done. So reduced the plans down a little, thankfully gifts I share with friends won't be happening until christmas, so a bit longer to finish gifts. And a few days to myself too while Rye at his dad's. Oooof I need it!