Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Who would have thought making some labels would take so long?  I wanted to print these out rather than hand-write them as they needed to contain a lot of information.  I also wanted them on card (preferably recycled but I'm working on that!) rather than paper too.  I also wanted to get six on one sheet of A4 card so it would go through the printer and not waste a full sheet of card, and I needed printing on both sides, which meant everything had to line up!  Anyway, I've managed it after 2 days of working on them :oD.  Just need the recycled card now.


  1. They look great, very professional x

  2. Yes, I can totally imagine how long that would take. I used to do a lot of my mother's advertising leaflets years ago and by the time I'd got them right, my waste paper bin would be full of wasted card. And then of course I'd leave the printer to churn out the goods while I'd make myself a restorative cuppa and come back to find the ink had run out or the card had jammed!!

    Your labels look well worth the effort though! xxx