Friday, 25 May 2012

Prototypes - The Secret Project Revealed

  "My partner and I are "Merit Clothiers"- and our idea is just that we want to acknowledge and inspire people to do good deeds- just like we did as children in scouts. We will be coming out with scout-inspired jackets and accessories that are specifically designed with spots to put your badges."

 I am very excited to be able to show you the secret project I have been working on.  I was contacted at the beginning of May by Britt with an idea for 'merit' badges, and would I be able to make some prototypes..of course I jumped at the chance.  Britt sent over some images so I set to work on them...they took a bit of concentration as they are only 2 inches across, but it was great fun.  Bit of tweaking now required, but the joy of prototypes is that they are just that...prototypes.


  1. Great idea and project to get involved in, and love the badges too x

    Good luck with the new venture :-)

  2. Wow, they are brilliant!! Really colourful and even nicer to be hand made! xxx