Monday, 21 May 2012

Re-vamped Bunting

When I first started making bunting I would fasten it all together with twine.  I loved how it looked..nice and rustic..but then I got to thinking about how people would wash it!  So over the past week I have unpicked, re-ironed (shocking activity as I don't iron normally ;o) ), then trimmed, pinned and stitched it all back together with sensible bias binding.  They're back in the shop now :o)

Yesterday we had a day at a local Vdub show where I found this gorgeous basket.  I need one for a new shop venture which may take off in a couple of months and if it's not suitable for that I'll use it on the stall when I attend the fairs.  Oh, I've already booked my first for next year :o)

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